A 2 hour nutrition workshop for women on hormonal balance

Make Lasting Changes in Your Diet for Improved Hormonal Balance

This workshop aims to teach you how to understand your symptoms, evaluate your diet and set achievable goals based on your unique circumstances, through a blend of 3 on-demand lessons with tasks and a 1-to-1 feedback call with Olivia. 

On this blended workshop, you'll learn how to:

Unit 1: identify the problems caused by hormonal imbalance and how they relate to nutrition 

This on-demand lessons consists of a short video presentation (7 mins) that teaches you how to complete a simple task which we will discuss on our live feedback call in Unit 4. You'll learn how to:

  • recognise the different ways hormonal balance manifests itself
  • identify any signs and symptoms you might be experiencing
  • communicate how you’re feeling and how it’s affecting your life.

Estimated duration: 30-40 minutes

Unit 2: evaluate your own diet and eating habits so you can make better choices leading to positive health benefits

This on-demand lessons consists of a short video presentation (8 mins) and an interactive task. This lesson will: 

  • provide you with info and tools to make better dietary choices
  • explain how nutritional science affects the hormonal system
  • teach you how to evaluate your diet so you can better decisions

Estimated duration (video + task): 30-40 minutes

Unit 3: set smarter goals for healthier eating around your unique schedule, lifestyle and the foods you already enjoy

This on-demand lessons consists of a short video presentation (9 mins) and an interactive task. We'll cover:

  • Understand how lifestyle and diet factors affect your hormones
  • Take a closer look at internal systems and how they work together to support hormone balance
  • Set achievable goals for your diet around the foods you love

Estimated duration (video + task): 30-40 minutes

Unit 4: get answers and make lasting changes with the personalised roadmap you'll receive on your 1-to-1 feedback call with Olivia

Ask your questions and schedule you 1-to-1 call with Olivia to get expert feedback on your tasks and a personalised nutritional / lifestyle plan for improved hormonal balance (duration: 20-30 mins)

Olivia Beck Clinical Nutritionist

Olivia Beck is a Clinical Nutritionist based in Limerick City with 10+ years experience helping women achieve hormonal balance through improved diet and lifestyle.

Join Olivia on this 2-hour workshop which blends on-demand, interactive lessons with one-to-one coaching with the aim of teaching you the fundamentals of how diet impacts your hormones and giving you a personalised nutrition plan based on your unique symptoms and situation. 

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Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't love this programme, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with Olivia from inside the members areas and she will either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for any woman who wants to make lasting diet and lifestyle changes so they improve their symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

How is this different?

The aim of this workshop is to help you gain a meaningful understanding of what hormonal imbalance is and offer you practical things you can implement right away to rebalance your system. The programme is different because it is a blend of interactive on-demand content (which you can do anytime at your own pace) and personal one-to-one consulting. 

What can you expect?

The programme involves an e-learning component consists of 3 high-impact lessons which include written tasks. You'll learn in the lesson video how to complete each task - which shouldn't take you longer than 20 minutes.  Olivia will then review your submissions and discuss them with you on your feedback call to get a tailored hormonal health roadmap based on your unique circumstances.

Why are spaces limited?

Olivia runs a busy nutritional clinic and therefore needs to limit the number of attendees on the programme at any one time in order to provide support and a personalised roadmap for each participant, whilst continuing to manage her overall workload.

I got in contact with Olivia because I found out I was heading into menopause and knew my diet needed some improvement. Olivia was very thorough and gave me a tailored plan that suited me and my busy life. My symptoms have improved and I hope to continue to commit to a healthy diet with Olivia’s guidance.

I would highly recommend Olivia for anyone interested in improving overall health and in particular endocrine issues. I found Olivia highly knowledgeable, professional and thorough and her
suggestions on diet and supplements have radically improved my health for the better.

After years of bad skin and PMS, a friend recommended I contacted Olivia. I had tried so many things and didn’t know what to do and it was starting to really affect my confidence. Through a comprehensive hormone test Olivia was able to help me put my hormones back into balance through specific supplements and diet. My skin has improved so much and I have a much more regular cycle. Thank you so much Olivia!

"I have been working as a Nutritional Therapist in hormonal health since 2014 and am passionate about helping woman balance their hormones at all life stages, through making sustainable diet and lifestyle changes. I went through my own hormonal health challenges and it was only when I changed how I ate and looked at food, that I was able to take back control of my symptoms and live the life I wanted." - Olivia

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